Decades of Experience Supporting Model-based Drug Development

Certara® was formed in 2008 by the merger of Tripos® International, the leading provider of drug discovery informatics products and services, with the Pharsight® Corporation, a leader in software, strategic and regulatory services designed to optimize clinical drug development. In 2012, the ability to provide innovation solutions to the pharmaceutical industry was further augmented with the acquisition of Simcyp® Limited, the leading research company providing a modeling and simulation platform for predicting the fate of drugs in virtual populations. The following year, the acquisition of Great Lakes Drug Development, Inc further increased the depth of Certara’s early drug development analysis, modeling and simulation expertise.

Seeking to add global regulatory writing and submission services to Certara’s drug development consulting expertise, the addition of Synchrogenix® occurred in 2014. In early 2015, Certara’s regulatory and medical writing consultancy, Synchrogenix, acquired ClinGenuityTM, the only artificial intelligence-assisted medical writing service in the pharmaceutical industry. Later that year, Certara created the preeminent global strategic modeling and simulation consultancy through the merger of its consulting group, Pharsight Consulting Services, with Quantitative SolutionsTM, an international pharmacometrics consulting company.

Through the years, Certara has evolved and continues to grow to provide our clients with solutions, spanning the discovery, preclinical and clinical stages of drug development, that enable data-driven decisions, leading to more precisely designed trials with a reduced risk of failure and improved subject safety.