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Multi-transform issues: WNL 5 to PHX WNL

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Posted 10 November 2010 - 06:38 PM

During the PKS User Group Meeting in Paris, a problem was discussed that appears with multi-transform when migrating from WinNonlin 5 scenraios to Phoenix WinNonlin scenarios. The following assessment has been made by our R&D and domain experts:


We have evaluated multi-transforms issues related to loading PKS scenarios created with WNL5 to PHX. We recognize that some issues existed with PHX 1.1. We have fixed most of these issues in the next release of PHX (1.2). This will allow PKS user to load WNL5 scenarios correctly with some exceptions:


1. If a multi-transform contains a filter>Include statement, the meaning of include in PHX will not be the same as WNL5 and although it will load that operation will not be doing what it did in WNL5. In WNL one would need to exclude to then include something previously excluded. In PHX include is the opposite to exclude and only that inclusion happens. It is a good idea to not use the include option in WNL5 if possible.

2. If an transform operation is done on blank cells it might display different results. We believe they are more accurate in PHX but the user should be aware of this. In WNL a missing cell divided by 0 resulted in a 0, in PHX it results in a blank.

3. In WNL if one uses the REMOVE within MT but does NOT check ‘Row matching criteria’ the tool still removes the full row matching that criteria, in PHX (correctly) only the cell affected will be removed. Recommendation to WNL users to always check row matching criteria in MT if that is what is desired.

4. Problems might also be encountered if a cell is assigned a name before it has any values created. If in a Multi-transform sequence a cell is named before it is populated, when this is imported in PHX the first rule does nothing because that column doesn’t exist. If the first rule is moved after the column is assigned values then it works correctly. Recommendation to WNL users to always label columns after they have created them in a MT.

5. By design, graphics that are not automatically generated by an object are not loaded as part of the workflow but the WNL5 image is imported.

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