Benchware 3D Explorer: 3D Chemical Visualization and Decision Support

BenchwareĀ® 3D Explorer is a tool that allows researchers to view, share, understand, and experiment with complex molecular data such as protein-ligand crystal structures, docking results, molecular alignments, or other 3D chemical information. It contains state-of-the-art molecular graphics, user-friendly interfaces, and scientific and communication capabilities.

With the Benchware 3D Explorer, life sciences researchers can:

  • Perform flexible ligand-ligand alignment and protein-protein alignment
  • Compare 3D structural features
  • Create and explore new chemical ideas prior to synthesis
  • Share models and results with other researchers
  • Develop and deploy custom solutions and applications


  • Supports Strategic Planning
    Benchware 3D Explorer lets researchers including non-expert molecular modelers, to make more informed decisions based on 3D molecular visualization.
  • Increased Efficiency
    Automate repetitive tests with macro recording capabilities. Share macro scripts throughout an organization to ensure research consistency.
  • Leverage existing investments and extend ROI
    Integration with standard productivity software (Symyx Draw, ChemDraw, PowerPoint) allows researchers to easily enter their ideas and present their results.
  • Decrease Costs
    Create and explore new chemical ideas with the intuitive 3D editor without having to spend time or money on synthesis.