Phoenix Connect: Optimize Your PK/PD Modeling and Simulation Experience

Phoenix® Connect™ is a productivity tool that allows researchers to optimize the Phoenix platform when performing pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modeling and simulation. With Phoenix Connect users can:

  • Simplify data import from multiple sources
  • Integrate common 3rd party tools into Phoenix workflows
  • Generate Microsoft® Word® documents with user-selected tables, listings and figures (TLFs) from any Phoenix object in the workflow


  • Saves time spent generating reports: Using the Phoenix Connect Reporter object eliminates the costly and error prone manual transfer of TLFs into reports.
  • Streamlines data import and preparation: Phoenix Connect 1.4 seamlessly imports data from Watson LIMS™ and CDISC® data sources.
  • Enables compliance: Phoenix Connect is used by all Phoenix products to access the Phoenix Knowledgebase Server™ (PKS™) data repository, which provides support for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, and offers audit trails and version control.
  • Supports research agility: Ability to create workflows that support both Phoenix and 3rd party algorithms in the same workflow


  • Import study data from Watson LIMS databases and generate analysis-ready Phoenix  worksheets
  • Import relevant CDISC SDTM or SEND domains (like DM, EX, PC), merge the datasets and generate analysis-ready Phoenix  worksheets
  • Export analysis results into CDISC SDTM or SEND datasets
  • Create Phoenix workflows that can execute scripts for  commonly-used pharmacometrics tools such as NONMEM®, R, and SAS®
  • Use the NONMEM comparer facility where NONMEM runs can be compared side by side to identify the best model
  • Execute analysis of Phoenix Connect NONMEM, PsN®, R Script, and SAS objects remotely via a separately-licensed Remote Processing Server (RPS).
  • Automate the transfer of TLFs into a Word report and generate context-sensitive, auto-numbered captions and footnotes for TLFs

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