D360: The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Data Analytics and Scientific Informatics Platform

Certara’s D360™ R&D data platform solves data challenges faced by scientists and IT staff throughout biopharmaceutical organizations by integrating and leveraging the large amount of diverse scientific data generated by sponsor companies and their outsourced partners to optimize crucial decisions. With D360, users can:

  • Federate different data sources
  • Support one-click access to standard data views for discovery projects or ongoing preclinical studies. For example, generate detailed custom views of individual assay performance and behavior.
  • Enable any user to build either queries for either ad hoc or standard data views
  • Configure it to support in house scripts
  • Satisfy the whole workflow with access to integrated analysis tools and direct connections to productivity tools


Get faster time to insight
D360 helps scientists get data easily and analyze and present it the way that they want. D360 users can analyze trends over past and ongoing studies to improve study designs.

Reduce IT overhead
With D360, scientists have self-service access to data and analytics freeing research IT staff from user support to higher value activities.

Support organizations of any size
D360 is a scalable solution from the largest pharma to the smallest biotech.

Enhance efficiency
It supports both standard workflows like project data views and data mining to allow users to ask and answer scientific questions that were previously inaccessible.

D360 for Discovery

D360 supports chemists, biologists and research managers alike in their use and interpretation of research data. Incorporation of logistical information such as compound inventory and access to notebook data in ELNs adds practicality considerations to research decisions.  When asked about Certara’s scientific informatics solutions, a scientist in Biochemistry and Enzymology at Agios Discovery recalled that “What used to take us a huge amount of time plus about 50 more mouse clicks now takes one click in D360.” Learn how to gain efficiency with D360. Check out the brochure.

D360 for Preclinical

D360 provides preclinical pharmacologists, toxicologists, and pathologists with the ability to understand data at a level beyond an individual study.  With D360, scientists can explore cross species exposure vs. toxicology, control group drift, and prevalence of adverse effects within drug classes.  Learn why a D360 client who is a Pathologist in Toxicology at a Top 10 Pharma said, “It’s so cool that D360 lets me just ask the questions I want. All the tedious work is removed and I’ve been surprised at some of the things I’ve found in the data already.” Check out the brochure.

For the ultimate value, D360 can draw on both discovery and preclinical data sources to help answer questions that cross scientific domains.