Clinical Trial Outcome Databases for Model-Based Meta-Analysis

Certara’s clinical trial outcome databases support Model-Based Meta-Analysis. Two main areas of application are comparative effectiveness and scaling of endpoints. The understanding gained from the analysis of these databases has many uses. It can help optimize dosing. It also enables quantifying the drug’s benefits relative to competing treatment options. Finally, it helps users to predict their drug’s probability of success. Better understanding of a new compound’s characteristics relative to competitors also facilitates decision-making. The databases cover many therapeutic areas. These include central nervous system (CNS), cardiovascular, immunology, metabolic diseases, and pain.

Benefits of using Certara databases

  • Experienced modelers who are therapeutic area experts design and manage the databases.
  • Certara databases provide highest quality data on the market and are supported by multiple clients.
  • Certara modeling and simulation experts perform vigorous quality control (QC) and testing, and keep the databases up-to-date.
  • Analyses using Certara databases support critical clinical trial decision-making.
  • Clients have flexible licensing options. They can license the current, updated version of the database. Or, they can request that Certara provide database analysis.
  • Clients will get intellectual property (IP) rights to all client-specific database analyses. Likewise, clients have IP rights to the proprietary part of the database. This enables clients to keep their most valuable assets in-house.

Certara Strategic Consulting is expanding our databases into other therapeutic areas. Clients may license the existing databases. Certara can also build new ones in areas critical to our clients’ product portfolios. The quality of information impacts the quality of decisions. Certara’s high quality, up-to-date databases help inform important drug development decisions.